The Tool Box

I’ve got my nerd hat on tonight. I got to thinking, I really should be “gathering” all these sobriety tools in one place – and what better, more accessible place than my little corner of the Interwebs. So, the plan here will be to list out good ideas and actionable strategies that I can add to and utilize when needed. Feel free to take any with you that might help you on your journey!

  • Addictions Mapping: I actually took the time to map out my life, major events and changes, stress levels, relationships with food and alcohol. I then charted how the life-events/stressors impacted my alcoholism and emotional eating. Fascinating.
  • Squirrel Stoppers: Text my sponsor when I have a temptation to drink or even when I am just feeling anxious and unsteady with the following script: “I am feeling Squirrelly because __________. Instead of letting this get the better of me, I am going to ______________.” Always gotta have a plan.
  • Distraction: Pick one – walk around the block, coffee, color, organize a drawer, paint your nails, stretch, read, call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, do some virtual shopping (just don’t press buy!), clean off a surface, work on a scrapbook project, eat an apple, play a song or put in an old CD, look at pictures, take a bath, write something.
  • Nightly 10th Step Inventory: One thing AA teaches us is good orderly direction (GOD). I find that following the steps, especially in emotional inventories, I can keep on track much easier – I don’t give negative stuff the time it needs to gestate and take hold. One of these tools – and there are apps for them now, of course – is a nightly 10th step. It simply asks a few questions for you to answer yes or no, add some comments and then tracks the percentages for you from night to night. It is helping me identify patterns in my spiritual health. The app I am using is:
  • Spiritual Resets:
    • Church service
    • Spiritual podcast
    • Meeting
    • Write a Post
    • Reach out to someone in kindness
    • Write a just because note to someone and send it
    • Read the daily reflection – and actually reflect on it
    • Go through old pictures on the computer

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