(Life) Practice Notes

Each week after my son’s piano lesson, I draw up a page of practice notes with cute little smiley faces to mark off for each lesson task he completes each day until the next week’s lesson. Each colored smiley face = one step closer to lesson learned. Without them, we are adrift without any motivation to move onward.

I don’t have a sobriety practice sheet, but maybe I should. Each week I go to my meetings, I read about the solution, I practice self-reflection here, I connect with my sponsor and other alcoholics. Maybe on those tough days, a little checklist would be the motivation I need to keep moving forward.

And so, a slightly different take on the gratitude list tonight. Here are a few practice notes – just a few lessons off the top of my head that I have taken in during the last seven days.

  • We only have this one day at a time and the next right thing – I don’t know for sure that I will never drink again, but I can fully commit myself to making sure that day is not today.
  • There is no bottom so low that we cannot turn our lives around as long as we are breathing.
  • If I reach out, there are many people who will open their arms.
  • I can only control how I react.
  • There are amazing people on this earth that will drop what they are doing to sit across from me just because someone did the same for them – I am part of a chain of sobriety and humanity. (Thank you, gentle reader.)
  • The more I reach outward, the less room there is in my head for obsession.
  • If I stay the course I am on and work diligently to live my life in love, service and fellowship, I will become the person I have longed to be.
  • I am capable of weathering life without needing to escape into alcohol.
  • I don’t want to drink.

Light, I’m grateful for all I am learning about how to truly live. Grace and Peace.

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