Just This One Life

For the last 3 weeks my oldest has been having nightly potty accidents. Thus, after finally getting the youngest to consistently sleep through the night, I find myself back on the 2 am wide awake train. I don’t mention this to complain, just to explain that once I have woken up enough to change the sheets and mattress pad on a bed, remake the bed, strip a child, wipe down said child, get him to go to the potty and then get him dressed again and back in bed – I am AWAKE.

So I read. I try to read articles written by people who are trying to know more, do better, live a more authentic life like I am. I try to stay away from politics – it’s a trigger for me. Early this morning I came across an article written by a women in her 30’s describing her journey of discovering she was gay – after years of marriage and 2 kids.

No, my journey isn’t taking that particular turn 🙂 but her struggles to find herself and her willingness to take the more difficult path in order to live authentically really resonated with my sober journey. Take a look if you have the time:


I recognize that there are relationships in my life which I allow to hold me back from living happy, joyous and free. I compromise myself for my family. I’m still trying to figure out what the right thing is in this regard.

I admire Melisa for recognizing that if she wasn’t living all of her truth, she wasn’t fully living, that she only has one life to live and needs to live it authentically, and for having the courage to share her story to encourage others that there is hope and life on the other side of facing scary truths about ourselves.

Light, help me find the courage to stop compromising my life. Grace and Peace.

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  1. I hate being wide awake in the middle of the night! Glad you are doing the right thing for you in the wee hours.;). Good luck today. Please keep me posted!


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